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I haven't had much time to enter anything in my journal because of various mid-terms and lots of work. ::sigh:: So now I have three topics saved up for my journal! Its up to my friends(the ones that read my Journal, aka Blacktigr and Tkarrde98) to decide which topic will be addressed first! I do believe polls are a paid uaser perk, so I'll list the choices and comments will have to do I guess.
1. Work- A rambling rant about my stupid job. It should be entertaining.
2. My life- Another rant, which should tell you more about me.
3. Even though Keenspot is not up, I've skectched my first strip! If this topic i choosen, I'll post it here for now, and try talking about the new ideas I've had.

I'll tally the (two) votes on Monday!
Happy weekend!
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