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Work-Damn It All

I hate work. I hate it. I hate work. I hate all customers too. I hate them all.
I work at a popular fast-food restaurant.
Doesn't matter which one, pick any.
Its terrible.
Its repetitive. Boring. I'm constantly surrounded by morons. Long hours. You'd hate it too.
The worst is the customers.
allow me to list some of the worst customers ever.
1. The mumbler/soft talker-when you work drive-thru, you have to deal with horrible intercom systems. You can't hear crap. Then this person comes along and whispers! Or talks with the window up. Then they get angry when you ask them to pull up. I hate them.
2. The change-impaired - Nothing quite matches the person who orders 1.09 worth of food and then pays with a 100 dollar bill. When they have a handfull of dollar bills. This forces me to get my manager to check if it is counterfeit and get the change, since I rarely have that much in my drawer, thus delaying the line and getting me in trouble.
3. Indecisive folks- They come in, they make a huge order. Halfway through, they go back and change something. They finish, then remove the first half. Then they add more stuff. Then they change it. You get the point. And these aren't people who just drive up, I'm talking about customers who have stared at the menu for five minutes. Need I mention that while they're gurgling at the menu I have to stand at the counter, not doing other work. Work I gotta do before my shift is done.
4. Messy, filthy pigs- I have to clean the lobby. Its my job. I understand that mess will happen. Some salt here, a napkin there, right? Then how does half a hamburger end up smeared across the wall? Some customers strew their food halfway across a table?
5. Really, really rude people- Here's a great example of what I mean:
Customer: I wanna burger and mumblemumble.
Me: Thats a burger and a..what else maam?
Customer: A superburger! If you understood me the first time!!!!!
Thats mean.

I'm underpaid, overworked and stressed out.
People keep asking me personal questions. About Jesus. "Are you this excited about Jesus?" That has happened multiple times. I have no way to get them to shut the hell up and move on. so then my manager rags on me.

I hate my job.
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