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My Comic

Its about time I finished my first comic, and here it is! Allow me to explain all I went through just to make this one strip.

1. Characters-I needed characters, and bad. Coming up with characters will be something I will always need to do.
2. Setting- There is little background, but as I get better, you can anticipate better backdrops.
3. Scripting-This is very important, without a good script I'm dead.
4. The dialogue- I worked for a while on the right words, acting out the scene to polish it. I'm an actor by trade, so that really helped.
5. Then I had to sketch it. First I put in the text so I would know how much space I had to work with. Then I had to fill the space. That was tough. I had to sketch, and sketch and re-sketch. Mostly because I can't draw. After I had it as close to good as I thought I could manage, I went over everything with an ebony pencil so the scanner would pick it up.

After it was scanned I still had to clean it up and then insert the typed dialogue. Finally I ended up with this!
Comic Scroll down to comic.jpg
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