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Busy Busy Busy

Well, this is the second shot at writing this one entry. Last time around Livejournal decided to eat it before submission and I got screwed. This time though, I'm typing it in notepad first. That way nothing will happen to this little gem.
Yeah, its been a long time since I posted. So what? I've been busy! School, a new job and now packing.

Lets go in order with a recap-

1. I lost my job. More on that later.

2. I got a new job. Pushing carts!

3. I was accepted to LA Tech and given tons of moolah!

4. I gotta pack now cause we're selling the house.

Thats right, the house is getting sold. See, my Mom made a bad choice a while back, then got sick, lost her job......just a ton of crap went down and now we gotta sell it. I'm going to really miss this house, I mean, its the first place I've stayed at for more than 2 years! Every other house I lived at was only a temporary place to stay but this house...this house was home. It feels like I'm packing up not jsut my stuff, but my whole life! Its hard, moving on like this. I must adjust to it though. At least I've got college all figured out, right? I should have 39 hours of credit by fall, giving me time to pursue two degrees all in four years. That will be really cool if I can get both. It'll be hard, but I really think I can do it.

I got some more stuff for my dorm room, a computer (2.2 Gigahertz, 80 gigabyte HD) a TV. I'll be taking along my current VCR and the microwave and fridge Mom bought me last summer for my dorm stay. Another piece of good news: I might have a private room all four years! Thanks to my recently diagnosed disability I could end up with a remodeled room at no extra charge-without a roomie even! Oh yeah, thats important too, I was diagnosed with a moderate case of Asperger's Syndrome which makes me eligible for services. Asperger's is considered to be one of the highest functioning form of autism, and in moderate to mil cases may actually be beneficial. People with AS often become obsessed with a particular narrow field or subject, becoming experts in said field. With an emphasis on 'Folk Physics' AS sufferers often excell in subjects that require almost obsessive attention to detail, such as math, science or music. Balancing this out is a weakness with 'Folk Psychology' marked by an inability to make emotional connections between people. For example, I accidentally made a girl cry at school two weeks ago. I was never aware of her emotional state up until the moment she began to cry. when she did, I failed to instantly sympathize with her hurts, and only realized that I should have felt remorse after thinking the incident through.

Thusly-The girl is crying-why?..I made her cry...Crying is a sign of pain....Causing pain is wrong....I should now feel bad for causing pain.

This type of detachment can cause difficulties with social interaction and irregular behavior patterns. So its somewhat of a blessing and a curse. I can figure out complex solutions and spot patterns in numbers and shapes faster than most people. I've been told I'm brilliant and creative. My attention to detail and procedure often assists me. So in that way its good.
On the other hand, my social skills are not quite up to par with others in my age group. I feel uncomfortable in crowds or with unfamiliar people. I sometimes have difficulty starting conversations or just chit-chatting. I hate chit-chat. Can't stand to do it. It takes an actual effort of will just to do it.

Now that the rambling is over, back to current events. In about a week I'll be packing the computer for a couple of days, but until then expect little updates every other day or so. Once I'm in the dorm I should be posting at least once a day. See you all later!
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