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The Plan-Overview

Alright, I've got a fantastic plan for Friday's date.
Phase 1: The CD
First up is the mixed CD I am making. Consisting of verious love songs for the 80's, no mere mortal can resist their siren's call. That will set some atmoshere in the car.
Phase 2: The clothes
I'll actually be going shopping tomorrow, so new dud will be on the way. I'm thinking stylish, in dark gray? I just need something comfortable and a bit stylish.
Phase 3: What to say.
Alright..the toughest part. I'm thinking, after the movie, I turn to Isaam and say.
"There is no other way to say this Isaam. I am very attracted to you. If you aren't attracted to me, I understand. But if you are.....I wanna make something of that. Will you give me the chance?"
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