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The Fleecing of Me

Its the first day of my new classes, and I absolutely refuse to buy the books. You heard me, those textbooks can kiss my bushy tail. I'm not going to pay eighty dollars for a book I'll hardly use and probably be unable to sell back. Its ridiculous. I still have my biology book from last summer that I couldn't sell back because they switched to a new book. That was 78 dollars down the drain. I intend to use it again, if I need it. Thats a big if. For physics, I'm still not buying the book. Its made by McCraw-Hill so most of the content I'll need is right there on their website.
I'm tired of paying too much for books and not being able to return them. Last session, I paid about one hundred and ten dollars in books. At the end of the session, I only got back thirty-three dollars. They had switched editions mid-session. I'm being driven crazy. And now they're saying I only get the TOPS Opportunity Award, which means no book stipend. Bullshit! Before coming here I went over my transcript and found that I qualified for the highest level of award. I know its my incompetent high school counselor that fucked it up too. Now I need to file a correction plea with my state government.
On top of that, I don't have the money to cover for my special engineering class. I need a laptop and robot parts. The parts are about 400 and I guess a used laptop could be had for maybe 500. So, about 1000 in total. Might as well be a million from my success so far. No loan, no grant, nothing. At the financial aid office they say, "Why don't you borrow the money from a family member?" I almost collapsed from cynical laughter.
Damn, I gotta get to class.

Wish me luck.
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