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Sometimes I wonder if humanity is doomed. I came across this thought whilst innocently letting TV rot my brain when, lo and behold, a commercial appeared. Not just any commercial though. No, this was pure evil!
It was for...Cheer!
No, not a compilation of old Cheers episodes. This was far more sinister. It was for a video that teaches you to cheer. As in cheerleader. Yes, for only 19.95 you can learn how to do cheers, sidelines, chants and all kinds of stuff. You know, cause everybody is getting into it. You know this has to be a high quality video too. It shows in the commercial 6 ugly girls in unflattering, obviously stolen cheerleader uniforms demonstrating routines. Not to mention some bad footage of a cheerleader camp to emphasize their point of "Across the county, thousands are getting into the spirit!"
When you watch this kind of thing, you must realize they target a specific audience. Unlike other late-night infomercials, which anyone can buy into, Cheer! is designed for one particular group. Loser girls. The kind that can't manage to make it on the cheerleading squad or dance team for a variety of reasons. These can be anything from being ugly, unpopular, uncoordinated...a plethora. So, instead of thinking in a mature fashion and realizing that a cheer squad is just another form of a petty, elitist clique designed to sepaate those viewed as more socially desirable from the common 'rabble' these loser girls wallow in their self-pity, worthlessly pining for something they could never possess. Its sad really. You feel sorry for people that buy this video. They just keep buying in to the social norms and levels created in an unnatural society by the educational system in the US.
Here's a free lesson:
The way things work in high school are nothing like the real world as a whole. Its a microchasm, with no purpose or structure.
As a consequence, those that become specifically adapted to this environment often fail as adults. You heard me right, high school is the high point for them. They will never be prettier, more popular or happier.
So rejoice! If you are dysfunction in high school, chances are, you'll do just fine in the real world!
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