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A lot of things have been happening recently.
I finally bought a laptop and a Clie from Circuit City, which was a chore unto itself. Here is the deal. I need a laptop for my engineering courses. Its required. so, I've been lookign for a good laptop for a while. finally I find what seems like a great deal. Its a 1.8 gigahertz processor, 256 Mb of memory, 40 gig hard drive, DVD/CD-RW and good battery life. All under 900 dollars. A good deal. At the same time, the Clie is on sale for 100 dollars. Which is good. clie makes me organized. I had one for two weeks during a physcology and it was the most organized two weeks of my life. If I had possessed it a third week I would have no doubt cured cancer. The only catch to this great deal? I had to drive to Shreveport. you see, the closest Circuit City was in Shreveport. The drive there wasn't so abd, it took a good hour to get there, just like everyone said. However, it took another hour just to find the damn place!
I have my laptop and Clie now, so thats okay.

No luck finding a job as of yet. The fast-food places are hiring, but there is no way in hell I'm working there again. I'm beginning to think there isn't a job to be had in this forsaken town. I was so close to having a job though. There is this furniture store in down, at the shopping center. I was there, looking for job, when I decided to wander in. I had no resumes left so I just asked for the manager. I began talking, working my magic, selling myself. It worked! I was offered job, starting immediately. However, it was full time, and I am a student. A total bitch. I might be hired come September though.

Thats about all thats been happening. Its pretty boring here. Almost no-one in the dorms and nothing to do.
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